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Jane Harman Elevates Hypocrisy to a New Level

Congresswoman Harman to Genocide Victims: “Get Over It!?

Los Angeles – California Congresswoman Jane Harman, who was once denounced as a “moral eunuch? in the 1990s, for her mastery of hypocrisy and situational ethics, has lived up to her reputation.

Her stunt, this time around, was co-sponsoring a bill, while working behind the scenes to kill it. This may come as no surprise, but should not go unpunished. But first, here are a few facts on the Beach-Cities Flip Flopper:

  • Harman has one of the worst attendance records in Congress, missing 1 in 10 votes.
  • She was so bored with her congressional seat, that she once gave it up to get her clock cleaned in a run for governor.
  • Thanks to her rich second husband, the morally bankrupt Harman is worth $130 million dollars.
  • Harman was passed over by Speaker Pelosi to head the Intelligence Committee. The most intelligent move by Pelosi in recent memory.
  • Hypocrite Harman once actively supported the NSA domestic surveillance program. Now she calls it “illegal.?

So, what is Jane doing in October 2007 to earn the NORA Bad Donkey Award? Plain Jane hails from the heavily-Armenian city of Los Angeles and was one of the first co-sponsors of the 2007 Armenian Genocide resolution.

Similar resolutions have failed over the years, but this year, with new Speaker (and long-time Harman rival) Nancy Pelosi at the helm, hopes are high. Pelosi has supported past efforts to recognize the Armenian Genocide.

With passage potentially imminent, Harman wrote a secret October 3 letter to Foreign Affairs committee chairman Tom Lantos (who voted in favor of the bill last time it was in committee) and ranking member Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, in which she implored them to kill the bill, citing a recent visit to Turkey she had made. The letter was leaked to Armenian activists, creating an uproar within the community for her attempts at fighting the bill privately while publicly supporting it.

Bad Donkey Jane Harman has inexplicably chosen to associate herself with the rationale of a Holocaust Denier by engaging in this despicable and ill-conceived Machiavellian maneuvering.

Shame, shame, shame!